We won’t sugar coat it, moving overseas is a struggle. Finding a new home, jobs, and services from across the ocean isn’t an easy task. The process of moving all your belongings makes it even harder – not to mention that a winter move makes the process that much more difficult. However, with the help of professional international movers in Calgary, your move over the holidays can be a stress-free experience. Here, we share some tips and tricks on moving overseas during the holiday season.

Research Local Customs

In Calgary, Alberta, we take it for granted that everyone celebrates western holidays like Christmas, however, some Asian countries like China don’t recognize Christmas Day as a holiday. Research the country you’re moving to and get an idea of what to expect when you land. Moving on a public holiday can make it difficult to find local moving help, and planning ahead will help prevent last-minute stress and panic.

Start Packing Early

The easiest way to offload work right before the move is to start packing your belongings early. Leave essentials out, but pack up everything else in the weeks leading up to your international move. If you’re hiring full-service international movers in Calgary, you won’t have to be burdened with this step!

Plan for Winter Weather

In Calgary, the holidays are synonymous with cold weather and warm clothing. However, you might be moving to a country that’s in the middle of the summer (and super hot)! Look into the climate and weather that will be awaiting you, and pack accordingly. The last thing you want is to be wearing your favorite wool sweater in the Australian heat!

Scale Back the Holiday Parties

Holidays are a staple time for celebrations, cheer, and a little spiked eggnog. But don’t get carried away celebrating the end of the year! Staying healthy and well-rested is key to a smooth move, and no one likes traveling hungover.

Create a Budget

Working together with your international moving expert, develop a realistic budget for your move. While a few hundred dollars might be reasonable for moving a condo across town, moving a whole house to Germany will be a very different story. Make sure to budget for travel costs, insurance, and set a slush fund to cover any unexpected expenses along the way. If you’re being sponsored by a company, figure out what your allowance is, and plan to cover any additional costs.

Check Out Holiday Sales For New Home Essentials

The holidays are home to some great sales (Black Friday or Boxing Day, anyone?) and it would be a shame to waste the deals. Don’t go overboard buying heavy furniture or bulky decorations, but do stock up on needed household items.

Choose A Moving Company Who Specializes in International Moves

A critical part of any successful move is working with a knowledgeable and trusted moving company. You and your moving consultant will be in constant contact with each other, and trust is the cornerstone of this relationship. Pick movers that regularly service international moves for the best result, and verify that they hold all the necessary licenses for doing so. You’re moving your whole life, and everything you own across the world, this isn’t the time to pick the budget option.

Keep Up the Holiday Spirit

In all the hustle and bustle of an international move, it’s easy to forget about holiday traditions and customs. Remember to take the time to decorate a bit, catch up with family and friends, and keep the holiday spirit alive. Especially if you have children, maintaining a bit of normalcy makes all the difference in this massive, life-changing event.

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