How to Safely Pack and Transport an Aquarium in Calgary

Most people don’t realize how tricky packing can be until they need to relocate every item they own. Fine china, electronics, and large furniture all pose their own unique problems, but pets – especially fish – are in a league all their own. You want to avoid shocking your animals on moving day, but need to find a way that allows them to be transported without damage or leaving supplies behind.

Advice to Simplify Packing Your Fish Tank from Your Calgary Movers

We understand that the ecosystem in your fish tank is delicate and essential to the health and well-being of your fish. These tips can help reduce the impact of moving day on your fish and help make them happy in your new living space:

  • Prepare: Avoid causing excessive stress and shock on moving day by taking steps to prep your fish and the tank. Starting five days before the move, begin changing 20 per cent of the tank water each day. Stop feeding your fish 24-48 hours before the move. If your moving day will take place over a week or longer period of time, contact a local pet store to board your fish during that time. Clarify what responsibilities and services they will provide during this period.
  • Pack: See the next point for the best methods for transporting your fish. Once the fish have been removed, you can begin to prepare the tank. You should remove any decorations and accessories to avoid risking damage to the glass. Empty water from the unit and wrap pumps, heaters and accessories as you would other fragile items in your home. Plants should be placed in bags with tank water to sustain the good bacteria that is on them. If the move will be short, your filter media can be placed in a hard-sided container that is chemical-free. If the move will take longer, clean or replace the filter media.
  • Move: Fish should be transported in plastic bags for moves that will take two hours or less. A bucket should be used for a longer period of transportation. Both types of containers should be filled with tank water. Keeping 80% of the existing tank water to use in these containers will help your fish acclimatize.
  • Unpack: Get your fish settled into their new space by placing the plants, rocks, and decorations back in their usual spots. Use saved water to refill the tank and finish setting up the accessories before using a net or pouring fish back into their home. You can let the bags float on the surface of the tank water to gradually match the water temperature.

Experienced Residential Movers for Your Fish Tank and Pet Supplies

The expert movers at Matco Moving Solutions have been providing moving services in Calgary and internationally for more than 50 years. From furry friends to fish, our movers have seen it all and moved it successfully. Reach out to us to learn more about how you can make packing up your fish tank or other pet supplies easier and ask about our affordable and reliable moving services. Whether you require packing services or storage solutions in Calgary or Edmonton, our comprehensive residential movers can provide what you need.

Request a free quote online for moving services including everything from your fridge to your fish. Call us at 1-800-661-3618 today and one of our residential movers in Calgary will be happy to answer any of your questions and book your moving day.

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