A long distance move can be a stressful experience, especially for children who may be leaving the only home they’ve ever known. This blog will cover how to prepare your children for a long distance move, specifically when moving from a major metropolitan area like Edmonton.

Stay Positive

Children and teens do not have the emotional regulation of adults, and will often take on the stress and anxiety of their parents. During your long distance move from Edmonton, stay positive and optimistic. Look on the bright side of things, create exciting plans, and keep any moving-related anxieties away from your kids. As their biggest role model, they will look to you to see how to act and respond to this big life change – lead with positivity and calmly and rationally address their worries and concerns.

Let Them Take (Reasonable) Control

Chances are your children didn’t decide to move the family and they may understandably feel like they are losing all control of their lives. To counter this, involve them in the moving process and seriously consider their input. Allow them the freedom to pack their own things, choose how to decorate their new rooms, and ask for their ideas on how to make the move a fun, family affair. Ask them for road trip pit stop suggestions and encourage them to look into the activities available in your new community. Little things like this will give them a sense of independence and security even during a time of uncertainty.

Visit Your New Home

If feasible, try to visit your new home and community with your family before the move. For children, moving long distances from a place like Edmonton, they can feel like they’re moving to a new planet. By scoping out their new surroundings and stomping grounds, kids have the opportunity to acquaint themselves and remove the fear of the unknown. Seeing new sights can also allow them to get excited about their new adventures and future! A long distance move from Edmonton may mean moving to a less populated area, so visiting first can help manage expectations as well.

Settle Them First

Children thrive on routines and patterns. When you arrive at your new home, make every effort to get the kids set up as soon as possible. Whether this means unpacking their rooms first, getting them quickly enrolled in school, or just getting them acquainted with the neighbourhood children, it will give them something to hold onto. A private space, like a bedroom, that they can retreat to when stressed or anxious can help them during the move, and quickly building a strong support system will help alleviate loneliness associated with a long distance move from Edmonton.

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