Hiring home movers is a great choice to make your moving experience quick, easy, and most importantly, stress-free. Before your Edmonton movers arrive, here are some things you should have prepared prior to their arrival, and some helpful reminders for during the move.

If It Fits In A Box, Pack It!

If you are paying movers by the hour, chances are you don’t want to waste their time watching you pack. Have everything packed into boxes before your moving day to make the process quick and simple. If your Edmonton movers are also packing, then congrats – all you have to do is sit back and let the magic happen!

Labels, Please!

To make sure everything arrives in the right location, label boxes with which room they belong to, whether it’s the kitchen, baby’s room, or storage. Additionally, clearly label any boxes that contain delicate items, a big FRAGILE will work perfectly.

Protect Your Home

Moving lots of people and furniture around your house means that there will inevitably be bumps and accidents along the way. Protect your floors by laying blankets or tarps in hallways and doorways to guard against unfavourable weather conditions, accidental drops, or plain muddy boots. Particularly tight corners can also be padded with blankets or furniture pads if you’re worried about dings or dents.

Have A Plan for Pets and Children

In the hustle and bustle of moving, small children and excited pets can easily get in the way. If you can, plan to have these family members out of the house during the move. Consider hiring a babysitter to take them to the park, or even keep them entertained in an already loaded part of the house. This will reduce stress on your part and prevent any accidents that can come with little people or pets running around.

Tell the Edmonton Movers Where To Park

Parking may seem like a small detail, but in crowded suburban neighbourhoods or busy downtown corridors, it can make a big difference. Let your movers know about the parking situation in advance, especially if your street has no parking bylaws, or is too small to accommodate a large tractor-trailer. If you have a big driveway that will make their job easier as well.

Your Movers Know Best

No one likes to be micromanaged – your Edmonton movers included. Once they’ve arrived and are set up, stay out of their way while they work. We promise if they have questions they will ask you (just don’t disappear completely on us!). Rest assured that your move is in good hands with Matco!

Keep Track of Important Items

Items like important documents or expensive jewellery should typically be kept on your person. This ensures that the items are kept secure and easily accessible in case of emergency or otherwise.

Looking For Trustworthy and Reliable Edmonton Movers?

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