When the empty nest starts to feel too large, or you need more freedom to come and go, downsizing to a condo is a great option! Less maintenance (inside and out) is a huge relief, and the ability to come and go with ease is a hugely freeing feeling. Moving from a house to a condo is a big choice, but the decisions don’t end there; this blog will share some key things to consider when downsizing, and the moving and storage services you might need during the process.

Things to Consider

Although not comprehensive, here are a few of the most important things to consider when planning on downsizing to a condo.

What to Let Go: Some of these are more obvious than others – you won’t need a shovel without a driveway, and the extra bedroom set probably won’t be too helpful in a one-bedroom. Other decisions on what to keep and what to let go of are less obvious. You’ll have to do some mental math and imagination when comparing floor plans. You’ll also need to decide what artwork, decorations, and other items you’ll keep, and what you’ll say goodbye to.

DIY Move or Hire Professional Movers: Moving is a big job, especially when tossing stairs and scheduled elevators into the mix. If you’re downsizing due to age, moving by yourself is likely an unnecessary hardship (and strain on your back). If you’re moving for lifestyle purposes (for example to keep a smaller home base while you travel), you can probably handle the few boxes and furniture you have. Whatever you decide, be sure to plan ahead in case you do choose to work with a Calgary moving and storage service company.

Keep or Buy: A common question when moving is whether to keep the same furniture or purchase new pieces. When downsizing to a condo it’s important to remember that your larger pieces may no longer fit the new small space. As much as you hate to see it go, this is where you have to say goodbye to that leather sectional, and instead invest in a smaller La-Z-Boy. Your bedroom and dining sets are also large collections that may need to be traded in – definitely important to consider when planning a move based on weight or piece count!

Moving and Storage Services You Need

Storage Services: Remember those decorations you thought you’d have to part with? Maybe not! Purchasing storage services from your full-service Calgary moving company means they do all the heavy lifting, AND your goods are kept safe and sound in climate-controlled storage. Having items in storage means you don’t have to get rid of all your furniture and other items, you can just put them on pause. This is especially helpful if you plan on eventually moving into a bigger space, or even if you have some special items saved for your kids or grandkids.

Storage solutions also mean you have the option to switch out the decorations or adornments in your condo as you see fit – giving you that extra bit of space without cluttering your new space. This can be particularly helpful if you downsize quickly and without time to thoroughly go through all your items.

Packing: Packing is a tedious process, and is best left to the professionals. Hiring packing services when downsizing is a great way to reduce the stress of moving while also ensuring your belongings are safe and sound during the move.

Specialized Services: Do you have unusually shaped items or precious collectibles? Custom crating is the way to go for keeping them safe while on the move. Do you have a grand piano that would look great in your new living room? A piano skid will do the trick to move it with ease. Our Calgary movers offer specialized solutions to all your toughest moving problems; they are prepared with the best industry knowledge to make sure your move is quick, safe, and effective. Ask your moving consultant about specific services unique to your case, and they will work with you to find a great solution!

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