Long distance moving and moving across town are like apples and oranges, they can’t be compared. Uprooting your life to move anywhere from a few hours to a few days away is a major undertaking. Here we have 8 tips on how to prepare for your long distance move from Edmonton.

1. Hire a Trusted Moving Company

A long distance move is no joke – you need a reliable, reputable long distance moving company in Edmonton that knows what they’re doing. Make sure to do your research, read reviews, trust word of mouth, and double check a company’s licenses and affiliations. They will be handling everything you own and taking it across the country – you want to rest assured that your life is in good hands.

2. Purchase Moving Insurance

Whether you have standard household goods, or countless precious heirlooms, you want to make sure your goods are covered. Check and see what your basic move will cover, and see what options you have for increasing your policy. You want to be covered in case of a freak accident or routine breakage over a long distance, even if this is something we would rather not have to use.

3. Take the Time to Get Rid of Unused Stuff

Moving long distances is not cheap. Between fuel costs, labour, and material, moving companies need to be fairly compensated for the large jobs they are completing. Long distance moves are typically priced based on weight – meaning that the less you bring, the less you pay. Take this opportunity to get rid of that dresser you hate, or the weights you’ve never used. Not only will your wallet thank you, but it will be one less thing to unpack at your new home.

4. Organize and Label As You Go

While packing, make sure to keep things organized and well labeled. Taking your time to pack means that it may be a while between packing and unpacking, and you may very well forget what you’ve put where. Sorting your items and packing them with rhyme and reason will make your unpacking a breeze. A tidy label will also let your movers know where to put the boxes, meaning you won’t have to move them all over again.

5. Move During Off-Season or Time

As with most things, moving has a peak season, typically being in the summer months. If feasible, aim to have your move in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. This will ensure that you get comfortable moving weather, while also allowing you to save a few dollars off peak demand pricing. You will also have more flexibility on dates, a luxury that is not always available during the hustle and bustle of peak season.

6. Know What You Can and Can’t Pack

The last thing you want to do on your moving day is to tear apart boxes looking for the flammable solvents you packed away unknowingly. Ask your Edmonton moving company to provide you a list of no go items – this will include anything flammable, firearm, perishables, pets, plants, and more.

7. Prepare Your Family for the Move

Children and pets will likely not be making the decision to move, and may feel resentment, anxiety, or even depression about a long distance move. Ensure that all members of the family feel secure during the move, and address any concerns or feelings with the utmost care and respect. Help children plan activities in their new communities, and follow up with your vet about finding new care for your furry friend.

8. Update Your Postal Address

Let important people and companies know about your move, and set up mail forwarding for after you’ve left. You don’t want to miss out on important invitations or bills, especially while in the limbo of a long distance move, so cover your bases well ahead of time to reduce unnecessary stress.

Looking For Edmonton Long Distance Moving Companies?

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