As with most big expenses, creating a budget is an important part of planning your move. This will help you set aside money and avoid any unexpected costs that may arise during the process. In this blog, we will outline some expected and unexpected expenses you should factor into your moving budget.

Hiring Moving Services in Calgary

Moving Service Fees: These are the base charges for hiring moving services in Calgaryto move your goods, and usually based on weight or an hourly rate. This will cover your moving company’s expenses like gas, vehicles, personnel, etc.

Packing/ Unpacking Charges: If you’re choosing to outsource your packing and unpacking to a moving service company in Calgary, you have to factor the cost into your budget. Typically packing is more expensive than unpacking, but it can vary by company.

Speciality Crating: If you have expensive, oddly shaped or fragile items, purchasing custom crating may be a smart choice to prevent damage or upset during the move.

Moving Insurance: This will act as insurance for your belongings in case your items get damaged or lost during the move. There are different levels of coverage, make sure to ask your moving specialist for the options that will best suit your needs.

DIY Moving

Vehicle Rental: Unless you have a very small amount of belongings, you will probably need to rent a moving truck to transport all your goods. This can vary depending on the size of truck you need, and the distance you’ll be driving.

Gas and Expenses: If you’re renting a vehicle, gas can quickly add up based on distance and idle time. With rising gas prices, this can be a large part of your budget that you don’t want to miss.

Moving or Furniture Insurance: If you’re renting a truck, you’ll want to make sure it’s insured in the case of an accident. The same goes for your household goods. Double-check whether or not your home insurance policy will cover your goods during a move, and plan accordingly.

Moving Equipment and Materials: Doing the move yourself will mean packing and loading on your own. Be prepared by purchasing boxes, tape, and bubble wrap ahead of time. Some moving companies will sell used boxes at a discount. As for dollies, moving blankets, moving straps, and more, you can buy these yourself or look for a convenient rental option.

General Expenses

Transportation: Whether you’re DIY moving or hiring moving services in a city like Calgary, you are responsible for moving yourself and your family. Budget and expenses like plane tickets or gas for the road trip.

Accommodations: As with above, moving your family might mean interim stays in hotel rooms or other temporary accommodations. Budget more time than you think you’ll need to incase of unexpected delays.

Storage: If your items aren’t going directly from point A to be, you’ll need to be prepared for storage charges in between. If you have a small number of goods, consider asking a friend to store your items with them. Otherwise, most full-service moving companies offer convenient storage options with delivery services.

Lost Compensation: If you’ll be taking time off work to accommodate your move, plan the lost wages into your budget.

Cleaning Costs: If you’re moving into or out of rental accommodations there will probably be mandatory cleaning fees associated with the move. Consider whether this is something you will do yourself, or if you will be hiring it out and budget accordingly.

Emergency Fund: Keeping an emergency fund is a good idea in case of any unexpected delays, emergencies, or disasters that may happen during the moving process. This will provide peace of mind in the event of surprise and will serve as a cushion if needed.

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