When you move a long distance from Calgary, the moving process becomes a bit more complicated than a local move in your area. Given you are moving within Canada, you will want to consider the distance and time it will take for your shipment to arrive at your new destination.

If you are moving long distance and are looking to hire a professional mover, you will want to check with the company on what services are included and the charges involved with those services. Below are some standard costs of long distance moving from Calgary.

Travel Costs

In a long-distance move, travel costs are one of the biggest charges because of the large distance your shipment will travel.

Size Of Move

If you are moving a lot of stuff or heavy items, your move will cost more. Moving costs are typically calculated by the weight of your shipment. The more you are moving, the higher the weight, resulting in a higher cost.

Moving Supplies

If you hire a professional long distance moving company and get them to pack your belongings, the cost of packing supplies will be included in this service. If you decide to pack items yourself, you can purchase specific boxes from your mover. The quality of the boxes from a moving company is far better quality than anything you can purchase from your local hardware store.

Date Of The Move

The time of year you move and even the date will have a factor on the price of your move. If you move on a weekday, the cost will be significantly lower than if you were to move on the weekend.

Replacement Value Protections

Long distance movers don’t sell insurance, but they do offer Replacement Value Protection which is coverage if anything happens to your items during transit.


There are times when moving a long distance poses logistical challenges with possession dates which could result in you needing storage services. You may also be moving into a furnished place and don’t require all of your belongings. Regardless of the reason, you may require short term or long-term storage.

Customized Moving Services

If you require some special moving services from the moving company, or need some flexibility with the moving company, you may see extra charges on your estimate. Some common items are crating services, or disassembly of gym equipment, bunk beds or trampolines.

Long Distance Moving Services in Calgary

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