Office moving can be a long and often difficult process. Add in severe winter conditions and any existing frustrations can increase tenfold. Hiring professional office movers can help reduce this stress and will make it easier for everyone involved. Below are some tips and recommendations from Calgary’s leading office movers for moving effectively and successfully during the winter months.

1. Develop A Strategy

Depending on the size of your office, moving can be a big job. Desks are large, office chairs clunky, and filing cabinets are extremely heavy. It’s likely the requirements for the job go beyond a standard pickup truck. Developing a moving strategy ahead of time is crucial to a successful move. By hiring an office and commercial moving company early in the process, it allows them to take care of the bulk of the nitty, gritty planning. Make sure to inform all employees, contractors, and other involved parties of your upcoming move to avoid any potential miscommunication.

2. Get Everyone Organized

With so many moving parts, everyone has a role to play. Ensure everyone knows their responsibilities leading up to the move. Whether this is packing their office, making sure the office is unlocked for the office movers or supervising the move. Effective communication can go a long way when planning a smooth move. Also, ensure managers keep all employees informed of deadlines and updates. Your office moving consultant will be helpful in planning the move and keeping you informed of all requirements and procedures.

3. Treat Your Employees

On the day of the move, focus on moving, not so much getting right back to work. Allow your employees time to settle in and get organized. Consider bringing in coffee for the office, or a catered lunch. This will keep employees satisfied and appreciative even in chaotic times.

4. Hire A Trustworthy Commercial Moving Company

Make sure you entrust your employees and their belongs to a reputable office and commercial moving company. When hiring office movers, ask yourself a few questions to ensure your move is seamless:

  • Are they bonded? High-quality commercial moving companies will carry full and valid insurance, and they won’t be afraid to prove it to you.
  • Are they highly rated? Consider checking online review platforms, or even doing some word-of-mouth searching, to see if the office movers you’re considering are recommended.
  • Are they a CAM member? The Canadian Association of Movers is Canada’s premier body of moving services, ensuring high standards of ethical conduct. A CAM-certified office mover is tethered to the highest standards and dedicated to providing quality service.
  • Are they experienced? Check the history of the commercial moving company, do they have experience in office moves, or does this seem like a new venture for them? Excellent service is often tied to knowledge and history, things you don’t want to compromise on when moving your office.

Ready To Book Your Office Move?

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