Moving day can be a super busy day but it doesn’t need to be as chaotic as one might think. Before your moving day commences, check out these 5 common moving day mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Expect the Unexpected

Life is never as simple as we would like it to be. Be proactive and check the weather and road conditions prior to and on your moving day.

Weather: Check the weather a week out and again the day before your move. If you are moving during the winter months and it snows, you will want to make sure there is a path cleared for the local movers. In Calgary, you should also be prepared to have ice melt on hand.

If you are moving in the summer, you will want to be cognizant of the temperature. If it’s a hot day, you’ll want to make sure everyone is hydrated, and nothing gets damaged by the heat.

Road Conditions: Just like the weather, road conditions can play a big factor in moving. Be sure to check the road conditions before traveling to ensure you and your belongings are safe.

2. Don’t Forget Others

Chances are you’re not alone on this move. Make sure you have a plan for kids, pets and plants on moving day.

Kids: If you have children, make sure you have a plan for them. It’s easier if they are not around while the local movers are moving furniture and boxes. See if they can stay at a family members or friend’s house until the truck is loaded up.

Pets: Doors will likely be opened for the majority of the day as furniture and boxes are being loaded onto the truck. Having a plan for your furry friends on moving day is best.

Plants: Plants are living things and need to be attended to. Unfortunately, most plants don’t survive the moving process, so if you want to move your plants, you will likely have to take them with you.

3. Label Your Boxes on Two Sides

Write down the contents of the box and its proper room on both the top and front of the box. This will save you lots of time moving boxes around when determining where they go at your new home.

4. Keep Your Essentials With You

If you are moving locally in Calgary, you will likely not want to pack everything into boxes. Some items you will want to keep with you like tools, toiletries, toilet paper, tissues, snacks, water, any prescriptions, cash, phone charger etc.

5. Research Your Local Calgary Moving Company

You’ve likely heard horror stories about movers on the news. Usually, consumers aren’t doing their due diligence when researching moving companies. The moving company you are communicating with should provide you with a free in-home or virtual estimate prior to moving day. There shouldn’t be any surprise fees or costs either.

The Canadian Association of Movers recommends getting at least 3 moving quotes. If one is drastically less than the others, you should consider it too good to be true and steer clear of that company.

Looking For Help With Your Local Move in Calgary?

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