No one got hurt, everything got to your new space, and it’s finally time to start unpacking from your recent office move. It can seem overwhelming, and you might not know where to start, but this blog by our office movers will clearly outline how to efficiently unpack an office or business.

Account for Everything

The first step is ensuring everything did arrive as it was supposed to. Take a headcount of larger items like desks, chairs, and filing cabinets, and ask employees to make sure they got all the boxes or bins they were expecting. Do this as soon as possible so any mistakes can quickly be fixed and corrected.

Your office movers will have a detailed inventory of your move, and they’ll also be double checking that everything makes it to your new space.

Scope Out the Furniture Layout

In a new office, you won’t have the same layout as your old space. First, allocate offices as needed, then arrange cubicles and desks with lighting and windows in mind. Keep track of where all the outlets are so nothing gets overloaded by too many users.

Set Up the Tech

Bring in IT as soon as possible to set up with wifi, computers, and main frames. Ideally, they’ll be able to access the new office before the move to do most of the grunt work, but they’ll still need to run plenty of cables and hardware once desks and monitors are in place.

Unpack Desk Contents (and then Everything Else)

Prioritize unpacking in the order of importance and use. Essential desk supplies should be the first to be unpacked, followed by important files and then less used office supplies. Those reference books used once a week can be left in their boxes for a few days, but the computer mouse you use everyday probably can’t. Get your employees to unpack and organize their own offices, and get department heads to delegate general unpacking amongst employees. Remember that they are the ones using the space, and it makes sense for them to have a say in how it’s all arranged.

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