We’ve noticed, and we’re sure you have too – prices are on the rise. From groceries to gas, the price of everyday essentials seems to keep increasing to no avail. As part of the transportation industry, moving is certainly not exempt from the impact of these rising costs. You may be wondering how these price increases will affect long distance moving, and that’s what we will be discussing in this blog.

Full Service Moves

If you’re planning on hiring a long distance moving company to service your move, you will, unfortunately, see a bit of a price jump due to the increased fuel prices. Your move will typically include a fuel surcharge, whether it’s built into the rate or separated out. The good news is that this surcharge is typically constant throughout the year, the bad news is that it was probably raised this year.

If you’re hiring a moving company, it’s a good idea to lock in your price early. When you put a deposit down, you guarantee your price ahead of time (based on weight and understanding that a change in weight results in a change in price). Waiting to book your move may mean that the price will increase due to demand change or possibly rate increases.

Booking your move in the off-season, during the week, or even holding off until prices stabilize might be other ways to save some money.

DIY Moving

If hiring a long distance moving company isn’t in the books, a DIY move will be noticeably more expensive this summer. With the massive increase in fuel prices, driving your goods across the country will be hard-hitting for your wallet. It’s also important to consider your vehicle’s fuel economy – carrying hundreds of pounds of household goods will inevitably increase your fuel usage.

The Bottom Line

The truth is, there is no way to “beat” or avoid rising fuel prices. Short of heading to the legislature and strong-arming the gas companies yourself, it’s a cost that we will all have to deal with. Work on other ways to reduce the cost of your long distance move to counteract the fuel increase: consider packing and unpacking yourself, downsizing your belongings, or scheduling your move for the off-season (and benefit from off-season pricing). Matco’s Edmonton moving consultants will be able to help you plan the best move for your situation, and we promise they understand the frustrations with rising costs.

Looking For an Edmonton Long Distance Moving Company?

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