Once you’ve got all your belongings moved, you may be looking at your whole life in boxes and thinking “Where do I even start?”. Unpacking is a big job, but with some direction and structure, the process can be relatively easy. In this blog, our Calgary movers share their best unpacking tips to make your move easy and stress-free.

Start With the Essentials

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it really is the best first step in unpacking from your move. You want to start with things you really can’t live without – think beds, kitchens, and bathrooms. This doesn’t mean you have to unpack all the fine china, but putting out a few dishes and throwing up the shower curtain will make your new home livable during those first few days.

Next, Large Furniture

After you’ve established a livable situation, you should move and assemble all the large furniture pieces. This means putting them in the correct room and getting them set up. This might mean reassembling dressers, putting the glass back in cabinets, or putting the legs on the dining room table. Since furniture is so big and bulky, this will immediately help clear up some space, and it will give you somewhere to unpack everything else.

Allocate the Boxes

Once your furniture has found its home, it’s time to move all the boxes to where they belong in the house. Not only will this prevent you from running around the house to find that one box of hangars, but it will help you establish a visual pecking order based on size and importance (aren’t you glad you labelled those boxes now?).

Start Big

Since you’ve got your essentials unpacked and ready for use, everything else can wait a little bit to be unpacked. One strategy is to start with the room that has the most to be unpacked, and work your way down from there. Typically, this will be your master bedroom, or possibly your library/ living room. Starting with the fullest room and working down will allow you to see how much you’ve accomplished, and will be a good motivator to keep going.

Clean As You Go

A simple, but practical tip: clean up the boxes and paper as you unpack. Unconstruct the boxes and keep the paper and bubble wrap tidy in garbage bags. Save yourself the headache of doing it all at the end and keep up with this little task as you work.

Organize Along the Way

Since the goal is to make your new home livable and useful, you want everything to be put away according to some rhyme or reason. The last thing you will want to do is go back through the house and organize every room you just unpacked. Stay a step ahead and organize while you unpack, finding a place for everything the first time.

Give Yourself Time

Unpacking is no small task, and it will take some time. Don’t rush yourself to have it all done in a day, or even in a few days. Start with the important things, and work your way down at a steady, but accomplishable rate. Don’t rush to have everything put away – enjoy the task of making the new house a home. Remember that most people don’t finish unpacking for months after they move, and there is no reason to think you have to do it in a weekend.

Hire a Calgary Moving Company

The simplest, quickest tip we can give you is to hire Calgary movers to do your unpacking for you. For an extra fee, most movers offer unpacking services – meaning you won’t have to reassemble furniture, move boxes, or deal with the clean-up. Hiring movers will streamline the process and save some busy work that comes with moving, allowing you to simply organize as you see fit.

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