We’ve heard the complaint before, and we understand – an office move is an office manager’s worst nightmare. The organization required, the productivity lost, and the demands from anyone and everyone are overwhelming and frustrating. The good news is that you aren’t alone, and our office movers have advice to share from the many that have come before you. This blog will share some of our office movers’ top solutions for challenges faced during office moves.

Challenge: A Tight Budget

Solution: Moving a whole office isn’t a small expense. With rising rent and the price of labour going up, we understand that a large number probably won’t work for most small businesses. One of the best ways to save on an office move is booking far ahead of time and paring down what you can. The less there is to move, the less the move will cost. Also try reaching out to multiple companies for office moving quotes, give yourself options, and take the time to find one that suits your needs and budget.

Challenge: A Drop in Productivity

Solution: The time needed to pack up and move your office is unavoidable, there is simply no way around it. To help reduce the loss in productivity, consider booking your office move for a weekend while your employees are at home, or consider having them work from home the week of the move.

Challenge: Finding the Right Office Movers

Solution: Like finding the perfect pair of shoes, or the best winter tires, finding the right commercial moving company will require a little elbow grease (and probably a few google searches). Make sure the company you choose can accommodate all your needs, and check that they are properly licensed, certified, and affiliated with regulatory associations.

Challenge: Effectively Communicating With Your Team

Solution: Moving in any situation creates a whole set of opportunities for missed communication. To prevent misunderstandings and errors, set up regular and effective team communication about the move. Whether this is a group chat, regular email, or weekly call, it’s best practice to keep the whole team looped in on the move and ready to do their part. Even if your updates or small or tedious, it helps keep the move top of mind and ensures no one forgets the when or where.

Challenge: Employee Turnover

Solution: A new location can inconvenience employees for numerous reasons; maybe the new office is too far from a bus route, or maybe their commission-based job will be thrown off the loss in productivity. One way to counter employee turnover during an office move is by incentivizing them to stay– maybe this means a promised bonus or a better office. Either way, make sure you follow through with your promises, otherwise, the turnover you avoided during the move will follow shortly after.

Challenge: A New Customer Base

Solution: Depending on the nature of your work, a move may hugely impact your clients, or they may hardly change. You know your customers best, and you should establish the impact before you even decide to move. If your office move will impact a large number of your clients, offer a promotion to entice them to your new office, or throw a client office warming party. Once they’ve seen the new space, they are much more likely to stick with you (even if your new space is a few minutes further away).

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