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Waiting Time

The time at which no one is at the residence to accept household goods, giving the van operator the option to wait for a resident.

Walk Board

A ramp used from a van to the ground to eliminate lifting heavy objects.


A building for the storage of goods, merchandise and equipment.

Warehouse Receipt

Receipt for warehousing services.

Warranty Deed

A deed whereby the seller guarantees a clear title.


An access like a street or alley that is meant for passage by persons or vehicles.

Weighing Procedure

The process for a shipment to be weighed.

Weight Additives

A weight, per linear foot, added to the net weight to compensate the operator for excessive van space used. The item must be stated in the tariff before a charge can be assessed.

Weight Break

The breaks given in a rate schedule at which the charges per specified weight decrease as the shipment increases in weight, and that allow the option of utilizing a higher weight level than the actual weight involved at a lower rate, resulting in reduced assessed charges.

Weight Guide

A listing of household goods average weights to be utilized on shipments released at a carrier's liability of 60 cents per pound per article.

Weight Ticket

A certificate needed to show the weight of a shipment. It shows the weight of each shipment weighed on certified scales and the weight of the vehicle without a load. It also is used when ordering permits. Also called Scale Ticket.


A charge by a port authority or wharf/pier owner against a vessel for using its wharf/pier for loading and unloading.

Whole Loan

The purchase or sale of a complete loan in the secondary mortgage market instead of the purchase or sale of a participation of loans like mortgage-backed securities.

Will Advise (WA)

The term used when it is known that a shipment is moving, but dates for pickup or delivery have not yet been established.

Wraparound Mortgage

A loan that combines the seller's unpaid balance from a first mortgage with a new mortgage. The initial mortgage is refinanced for a higher dollar amount.

Writ of Attachment

Seizure of a property by a court order for holding as security for satisfaction of a judgment.



The annual amount of income earned on an investment. It is expressed as a percentage of the original price.



Guidelines enforced by city authorities on how properties in an area can be used.