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Table of Measurements

A document used to determine the cubic feet that furniture, appliances, cartons and miscellaneous articles occupy in the van. By converting the cubic feet into pounds, an estimated weight is acquired that is used in calculating the estimated cost for a move. Also called Cube Sheet.

Takeout Commitment

A promise to make a loan at a future time, usually for construction financing and at a higher cost and shorter term.

Tare Weight

The weight of a truck before a shipment is loaded, including all essential loading equipment and packing materials.


A published schedule of rules, rates and charges for the transportation of goods. The tariff provides the schedule of rates and charges from which Matco Moving Solutions computes the total cost of the move for the services performed.

Tariff Item

Individual sections filed within the tariff that list the rules and application of the charges for each specific service.

Tariff System

System designed to store all tariff charges, rate schedules and sections found in each individual tariff. A rating system pulls information from the tariff system by use of a tariff number.


Asphalt paved areas of an airport not specifically used as aircraft runways, taxiways or gate areas, where cargo is held, unprotected, by a carrier when sufficient warehousing or terminal space is not available. It is an abbreviation for "Tar Macadam."


A charge assessed against a person or property by the government and used for public purposes.

Tax Deed

A deed for property sold at a public sale by the government for nonpayment of taxes by the owner.

Tax Lien

A claim against a property for its unpaid taxes.

Tax Return Preparation Allowance

A reimbursement to an expatriate for the expense of preparing income tax returns.

Tax Sale

The sale of a property resulting from nonpayment of taxes.

Tax Service Fee

A charge for the processing of tax escrows, covering the cost of obtaining tax bills and disbursement.

Telex/Teletype Release

Authorization in the form of a telex, teletype, telefax or cablegram given by the steamship line agent at the port of origin to the steamship line agent at the port of discharge to release the cargo to the consignee without an original ocean bill of lading. Due to government restrictions in some countries, such releases may not always be permissible.

Temporary Authority

An authority is granted temporary authority to operate.

Temporary Living Allowance

A reimbursement to an expatriate en route to a foreign location for expenses that may occur after leaving the old home and before moving into the new home. Also called Interim Living Allowance.


An estate or interest held by a person on a property.

Tenancy at Will

An estate in which a person occupies property with the permission of the owner for an unspecified amount of time. The owner can take back the property at any time.

Tenancy by the Entirety

When two or more persons jointly own a piece of property with equal interest. If one dies, the other receives that person's share. Also called Joint Tenancy.

Tenancy in Common

When two or more persons share ownership of a property with unequal interest and no right of survivorship. When one dies, that share will go to that person's heirs.


See Lessee.


Time period between the commencement of the mortgage and its termination date.

Terms of Mortgage

The conditions of a mortgage, including payment schedule, interest rates and the time period a mortgage is guaranteed.


A term stating the container capacity of a container vessel and used in specifying minimum criteria within special marine rate contracts. The term stands for an equivalent of a 20-foot-long steamship container, eight feet wide and eight feet high. A 40-foot container would equal two TEUs.

Third Proviso

An old term for Special Products.

Third-Party Service

Services performed by someone other than the agent, van operator or Matco Moving Solutions.

Third-Party Service Contract

The contract that exists between a third-party company and a corporation.

Thru-Bill of Lading

A bill of lading covering items moving from an origin point to a final destination point, assuring one carrier liability even though applicable handling, transport, carriage, etc. May be performed by multiple service firms and modes of transportation.


A rate that applies from origin to destination. It can be offered by a single carrier, even though the applicable service may entail interlining, transloading, transhipping or other underlying means of transport or handling.


The shipment is loaded on the van at the origin residence and remains on the same unit until unloaded at the destination residence.


A row of stacked household goods across a van operator's trailer.


The legal document proving evidence of ownership of property.

Title Defect

A problem in a property's title affecting its marketability. The defect may be an outstanding claim, encumbrance, lien, unreleased judgments, questionable prior deeds or the condition of the property.

Title Fees

Charges for examining public records to ensure a clear title.

Title Insurance

A contract insuring loss due to defects in the title of a property.

Title Search

An examination of public records, laws and court decisions to gather information on past and current facts regarding the ownership of a property to make sure the title is free of defects.

To Order of Consignment

A negotiable bill of lading bearing the clause "to order of" immediately prior to the name of the consignee. Such consignment requires that an original bill of lading, endorsed by the consignee on the bill of lading, be presented before the consignment can be released at destination. Because of the underlying reasons for use of a "to order of" bill of lading, release at destination without the bill of lading is virtually impossible.

Ton, Measurement

Applicable to ocean freight rates and carriage, a measurement ton equals 40 cubic feet of space displaced by cargo, or if specified as a metric measurement ton, equals 35.325 cubic feet, which is a cubic meter. A long ton is equal to 2,240 pounds; a metric ton is equal to 2,204.60 pounds; a short ton is equal to 2,000 pounds.

Tracking and Tracing

Monitoring and recording shipment movements from origin to destination.

Trailer on Flat Car (TOFC)

Rail carriage on a flatbed railcar when the unit being transported is either a trailer with a permanent chassis attached or a steamship container duly mounted on a chassis. See Container on Flat Car.

Transfer Allowance

See Relocation Allowance.

Transfer Charge

Fee collected when property changes hands or when a mortgage loan is made.


The unloading of cargo from one vessel to another vessel at an intermediate port between the origin and destination port. Such transfer can be between vessels of the same line or with another line.

Transit Time

The total time that elapses between a shipment's pickup and delivery.


The unloading of shipments from one vehicle to another. It normally occurs when the cargo is still within the control of one carrier between its own equipment. See Tranship and Interlining.

Transportation Charge

Based on a tariff rate per hundred pounds for the actual weight of a shipment and the number of kilometers it will be traveling. The cost of a single loading, transporting and unloading goods comprise the charge.

Transportation Differential

The difference between the transportation costs in an expatriate's home country and host country, including personal vehicles and public transportation.


A carton constructed with a triple thickness of corrugated cardboard, affording considerable strength to the carton. Used as a shipping container for air freight shipments.

Trust Deed

See Deed in Trust.