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When a piece of property arrives at the destination in a condition different from pick-up.

Data Sheet

See Fly Sheet.

Date of Entry

The date on which proper documentation is presented by the consignee to the Canadian or U.S. Customs Service for release of cargo.

Date of Importation

The date on which cargo is available to the consignee for the purposes of filing entry for release with the Canadian or U.S. Customs Service.

Date of Origination

The beginning date of a loan process.

Decreasing Returns, Law of

When property improvements no longer bring a coinciding increase in property value.


A document that transfers the title of a property from the seller to the buyer upon sale of the property.

Deed in Trust

The transfer of a title to a third-party, who holds the title until the mortgage is paid. Upon payment, the title is transferred to the borrower. If no payment, the third-party may sell the property to pay the debt. Also called Trust Deed.

Deed of Release

The release of a parcel of land from the lien of a mortgage covering several parcels resulting from payment and satisfaction of the mortgage. Also called Release of Lien.

Deed Restrictions

Statements listed in a deed that limit and control the use of a property. These restrictions may involve the actual use of the property or the types of structures allowed on it.


The failure to meet the terms of a contract.

Defect of Record

A burden on a title listed in public record. Defects can be easements, judgments and mortgages.


The difference between the mortgage meant to be paid and the amount at foreclosure.

Delay Claim

A claim filed for expenses incurred as a result of a late pick-up or delivery, usually for motel and meal expenses.

Delinquent Payment

A past-due payment of a financial obligation.

Delivery Date (DD or DEL)

The actual date on which the goods were released to the customer or consignee.

Delivery Order

Permission issued by the consignee to the ocean/air carrier for release of cargo to an inland carrier. It should include all data necessary for identification of the cargo.

Delivery Receipt (DR)

A document which evidences delivery of a shipment. Same as POD.

Delivery Spread

See Spread Date.


A charge to the customer for keeping a container, trailer or railcar beyond a specific length of time. Demurrage is mostly used relative to railroads, as opposed to detention, which is more commonly utilized relative to the trucking industry. See Detention and Free-Time.


The ratio of an item's weight to its volume.


Money paid by the buyer to the seller that secures the contract and protects the seller from breach of contract. This often is called a security deposit with regards to landlords and tenants. See Earnest Money.

Depreciated Cost

The reproduction or replacement cost of a building, less depreciation to the time of appraisal.


A decrease in value of a property. See Appreciation.

Depreciation Guide

A guide showing the average life span of an item and its estimated depreciation each year.

Destination (DEST)

The final point of delivery of the goods as specified by the customer.

Destination Agent (DA)

The destination contact for the customer. This also is the agent who, if shipment is going into storage, is the authorized receiving agent.

Destination Service

Services performed upon arrival of shipment at destination.


A charge to the customer for keeping a container beyond a certain time limit. See Demurrage and Free-Time.

Diminished Utility

See Accrued Depreciation.

Direct Reduction Loan

The principal of this mortgage decreases through monthly payments that, in turn, increase to pay taxes, interest and insurance when due.

Direct Sales Comparison Approach

Estimating the value of a property through a comparison of recent sale prices of similar properties, after an adjustment of time, financing, seller concessions and differences in the properties. This appraisal approach is mostly used by real estate brokers. Also called Competitive Market Analysis or Market Data Approach.

Directed Offer

A company's offer through a third-party relocation firm to purchase an employee's home. The offer may or may not reflect the home's fair market value. It often is more than the selling price of the home and is used to encourage an employee to transfer.

Disassembled by Owner (DBO)

Items are disassembled by owner rather than by Matco Moving Solutions.

Dispatch (DISP)

Coordinates the movement of shipments from origin to destination.


Assumes the task of communicating the route of a shipment to van operators and agents, making sure that instructions are carried out accordingly.

Disposable Income

See Spendable Income.

Disposition of Present Home

The activities and expenses experienced in making the necessary arrangements to sell a house or to break a lease agreement.


A change in the destination of a shipment while it is en route and prior to arrival at the original destination on the bill of lading.


An elevated section of a building that is level with a van for ease of loading and unloading.

Dock Receipt

Receipt issued by an ocean carrier or its agent for merchandise delivered at a dock or warehouse awaiting shipment.

Document Fee

A charge for preparation of legal documents such as a mortgage or deed.


A small platform on rollers or wheels used to handle freight.

Domestic Shipment

A shipment moving within Canada.

Door-to-Door Service

The service from origin residence to destination residence, exclusive of any storage in transit, customs duties, taxes, warehouse handling, etc.

Door-to-Port Service

The service from origin residence to free arrival of the vessel/aircraft at the destination city, exclusive of any storage in transit, customs duties, taxes, warehouse handling, any charges incurred once the vessel/aircraft has arrived, etc.

Double Contracting

A strategy used to get a higher loan whereby the buyer and seller have a second contract between them at a lesser amount than the original contract. This usually occurs if the buyer does not have enough money for a proper down payment.

Down Payment

An amount paid toward the purchase of property.


Moving freight within a city.


The person who performs drayage. Also called Cartman.

Driver (DR)

See Owner-Operator.

Due-on-Sale Clause

See Acceleration Clause.


Material other than packaging used to prevent damage to freight or to support it in shipment.


A single structure designed to accommodate two families.

Duplicate Carrying Charges

The costs a buyer incurs after purchasing a new home before the present home is sold.


A tax imposed on the importation or exportation of goods by the federal, provincial or local government.